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Pretoria Web Development is a full stack, full service web development company. We do it all from the user interface to the bolts and nuts. Our goal is a web site that gets you results. Our yard stick is sales not traffic. You can't pay your suppliers with web traffic, you can with the proceeds of sales.

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Planners win, winners planPretoria web development are a turnkey solutions provider, Our strength is that we do full stack development and can do anything from budget driven websites to e-commerce websites. We do full stack full service development from the user interface to the nuts and bolts that make it run smoothly.

Full stack web development in Pretoria

Let's talk about the various facets of web development

Web development consists of a few different components, a full stack developer, does them all. In traditional web desgn static websites were built using HTML, In the early days of the web we used to do anything requiring client input like email forms using Perl and CGI scripts. Graphics were created in Photoshop by graphic designers and then they would be cut up and coded by the web designer.

Pretoria Graphic design for websites

In essence the three major facets of web development are graphic design, creation and optimisation of images and User interface design are done by graphic designers as a rule, The second facet is the web site coding to create the user interface.

On a traditional HTML web site, content and images were placed into the code creating an individually coded page per menu item, updating was a long job because removing a page meant altering menu's on every page of the website.

HTML Coding for the user interface

So the third level of web development happened, People that could do code for the server to run creating the pages on the fly. There are various scripting languages used for this, the original being Perl, then PHP, Java, .Net and others were added.

Back end coding in PHP

At Pretoria web development we build all our back ends using PHP and MySQL databases. We have felt no need to start using programs like Python et al, because PHP code is elegant enough to do what we have needed so far, also we can eliminate a lot of overhead that modern web design software brings to the table.

Stripping out excess code

A number of years ago I tested Dreamweaver and compared my own coding to the software generated code. I used less than half of the code that Dreamweaver used to get the same result. I have not done any more testing since but know that my CMS has a whole lot less overhead than any other I have looked at.

I believe the reason is that we do full stack development and are thus not reliant on using other peoples code to do tasks that we may not have understood prior to learning that part of the job. Too many cooks spoil the broth, my Granny would say, and in coding I see this often.

Professional web development in Pretoria

I have looked at code with lines of code not in use. I have seen CSS files with whole sections that have no bearing on the website in question. I have seen legacy java script, whole sections of php that were no longer in use because the new php developer didn't know what the previous coder was doing exactly, so left the code there just in case.

Not all Professional web developers are equal. Here at Pretoria web development we also make sure that our websites are search engine ready. There is no point in having a web site that cannot be indexed or even worse indexed and not receiving any love from the search engines.

All of my web development start with the knowledge that great websites get results. We include search engine strategies right from the inception. When we start a project we want to know that we are going to get results.